A pinboard by
Henry Nwankwo

PhD student , North West University, South Africa


Some carbazole derivatives were explored to ascertain their corrosion inhibition strengths for steel

Some derivatives of carbazole were expanded using electrochemical techniques, weight loss, surface morphology, quantum chemical calculations and molecular dynamics simulations in order to mitigate corrosion caused by microbes (microbial induced corrosion) and aqueous acid. The threats posed by aqueous acid and microbes such especially sulphate reducing bacteria remain a huge challenge to oil and gas industry, sewage treatment plants, water treatment facilities and petrochemical plants. Past studies have treated the two forms of corrosion separately whereas both share somewhat similarities. Owing to depleting natural resources and the need to cut cost by industries, this research utilizes smart means to provide industries with chemicals that could be used as additives in paints and electroplating to minimize loss to industrial steel components.