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Teachers in Bauchi Nigeria were evaluated to ascertained their exposure to the use of animated resou

The teachers studied bio-data indicated a reasonable level of maturity with ages range of 20-30 rating 38%, 31-40 rating 35% while 40 and above shows 27% alongside with their educational status with NCE 31% while HND/ Degree shows 69% indicating maturity and good education based. The teachers teaching experience places them at advantage of being capable of applying resource material with 42% having 11-20 years teaching experience followed by 39% of 6-10 years and lastly with 19% for beginner of 1-5 years Analysis of availability and utilization of animated resource by teachers indicated a sharp contrast between the affirmative and the null 3% was yes while 97% was ‘no’ pointing to the fact that there were no availability and utilization of animated resource material in senior secondary schools in Bauchistate. With regards to teachers’ opinion on whether there’s need for animated instructional resource in school, overwhelmingly indicated great need. However, 100% voted in favour of great need for the package while 0% responded on the negative. The teachers’ willingness to buy animated resource if sold is a clear indication that animated resource materials are grossly needed in senior secondary school for teachers in class room teaching