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Yetunde Olawuyi

PhD student, University of Ibadan


Trifoliate yam (an underutilised crop) flour was supplemented with soybean flour and used to produ

Trifoliate yam is an underutilised yam specie which is highly nutritious but cannot be stored for long like other yam species because it hardens a few days after harvest. Therefore making it unavailable all year round, this necessitates its processing into flour. Trifoliate yam flour was produced and enriched with soybean flour at three different substitution levels (ratio 90:10, 80:20, and 70:30) and processed into cookies. the product was compared with cookies made from wheat flour. The flour was analyzed for physico-chemical and pasting properties such as water binding capacity, bulk density, peak viscosity, trough viscosity, final viscosity and setback viscosity. The nutritional composition (proximate, minerals and some vitamins) were also evaluated and a sensory evaluation carried out to to determine its acceptability. The overall acceptability showed that the product was most acceptable at 20% substitution level and there was no significant difference in cookies made from the enriched flour at different levels of substitution.