Director., Integrated Agricultural Association(I.A.A).


Training and demonstration to enhance the natural fertility of the soil.

Effective Microorganisms are microscopic living organisms that are not genetically modified. It mixture increases the natural resistance of the soil, plant, water, human and animals with no adverse effect. We have EM for:- 1.) Agriculture. 2.) Livestock. 3.) Aquaculture. 4.) Environment. 5.) EM as foliar fertilizer. 6.) EM for animals and birds. 7.) EM Bokashi as feed additive. 8.) EM5 for pest and disease control. 9.) EM for mal odour control.

This conference has been organized to share this knowledge with some university faculties and peasant farmers in Bamenda, North West Region of the Republic of Cameroon. In Cameroon, agriculture is the backbone of the economy and society employing more than 75% of Cameroonian population, with women occupying the greatest portion. Despite the massive population engage in agriculture, output has continuously drop down. This is because farmers has turned to the use of dangerous chemicals in the farms which do not sustain the soil fertility in the long run. These chemicals have adverse effects on the soil, plant, water, human and animals. However, they do not constitute to environmental health in any way couple with their exclusive nature that do not meet the needs of smallholder farmers in Cameroon. This conference will help to provide knowledge to university students, farmers and the entire agriculture and environmental family.

Objectives of the conference:

A) Train farmers and university students on EM products and their effective use on the farm. B) Train Councils, boarding schools, NGOs on Sanitation services and related organs on the use of EM for environmental protection. C) Train participants on the production of EM of the following: EM for Agriculture, EM for Livestock and environmental protection, EM5 and EM Compost. This conference will bring together and train 60 participants with the aim to transfer technology and improve the living conditions of Cameroonians.