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Fresh Graduate, NED University of Engineering & Technology


The importance of green power resources is being significantly increased as the energy crises is taking a vital position in every country. Sunlight being an abundant source offers a cost effective and clean solution to problems of energy generation. Dye-Sensitized Solar cells (DSSC) are an economical class of solar cells that address the corresponding issue. In this research, DSSCs were manufactured using ITO coated glass substrate, by employing Micro Crystalline Titanium (IV) Anatase, on the photo-anode, dipped in natural cherry dye prepared by fresh cherry juice. For counter electrode, materials from Graphene family; Graphite, Graphene Oxide (GO), and Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) were coated to fabricate three different cells and the results were compared. The internal electrical continuity was established by Iˉ/Iˉ3 electrolyte. The synthesized materials were characterized by PANalytical XRD, FTIR and UV-Vis Spectrophotometer. The fabricated DSSCs were characterized by Probe Station Keithley SCS 4200 which gave the I vs V graphs assuring the successful formation of diode. Among the three cells, rGO based DSSC gave the highest value of Voc = 0.65 volts and thus the power conversion efficiency was calculated to be η=5.23% under 11 Watt UV source which was higher as compared to the rGO based DSSC efficiency in the results of reference.