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Research Associate, Macquarie University


My research focuses on the development of functional nanomaterials combining with therapeutic molecules for cancer diagnosis and treatment. I am currently working on the synthesis and characterization of photoluminescent nanoparticles with unique optical properties to enable the enhancement of treatment depth of photodynamic therapy in cancer treatment. My research also involves the surface modifications of this novel type of photoluminescent nanoparticles and binding functional biomolecules, such as antibodies, and tumor-homing peptides, and integrating therapeutic agents to the nanoplatforms. The designed nanomaterials are for targeted labeling and treatment of cancer cells and tumors. In addition, I am working on the investigation of nano-/bio-interface chemistry, including study the effect of surface chemistry of nanoparticles on skin penetration, formation of protein layers on nanoparticle surface in protein-containing physiological buffers, and the cytotoxicity of nanomaterials in 2D and 3D cell culture.