Research Scientist, CSIR-Forestry Research Institute of Ghana


I am a plant scientist with background training in silviculture and forest management. Over the years, and with the experiences gained from my PhD studies, I have extended my research interests to a better understanding of how multiple environmental factors (especially climate, soil and land use) act together or individually to affect dryland ecosystems comprising all plant communities.

In this regard, I believe that natural science research should almost always be complemented by social science in order to better appreciate perceptions of people who are users of the natural resources that natural scientist manage. Consequently, I also have interest in the application of social science research approaches for better understanding the management of natural resources. I am particularly interested in research that bridge knowledge gaps in the areas of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, ecosystem service provision, sustainable land management and climate change adaptation/ mitigation. Under the broad interest of understanding drivers of biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, I am particularly fascinated what drives taxonomic and functional diversity and whether these drivers are consistent. With the emergence of climate change, a new dimension of complexity has been introduced and the challenge of finding better land management strategies is a key goal for all stakeholders. My research therefore also aims at developing cutting edge technologies to address climate change issues so as to help society adapt to expected climate change impacts.