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Lenity Kibiti

Project Manager, University of Nairobi


analyzing the causes of the delays in dams construction projects completion in Kenya

This study will make the government aware of the factors that causes delay in dam construction projects and ways of addressing those delays so as the dam construction process is harmonized hence resulting efficiency in the production of water infrastructure projects. Greater success in dam construction projects will be achieved by the project developers/clients who will also benefit from the findings of this study. This will be as a result of applying the findings of this study that will ensure the risk factors that may cause their projects not be delivered successfully are mitigated. It will also assist construction professionals and other stakeholders to increase the success of dam construction projects completion by managing well the factors that will help their successful completion. The architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, construction project managers and site agents may benefit from this study by applying the results of its findings while carrying out dam construction projects.