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Fabian Villalobos

Graduate Student Research, University of California Riverside


Using biomimetic methods, SiO2 NTs are synthesized at ambient conditions for use in Li-Ion batteries

My research focuses on energy storage and environmental recovery. By imitating processes evolved in nature over millennia, complex materials can be synthesized in cheaper, more effective ways than modern industrial practices may be able to offer. We use these natural techniques in order to create silicon dioxide nanotubes to be used in lithium-ion batteries to increase their capacity, potentially increasing their energy density ten fold.

A second project of mine focuses on recovery of crude oil from ocean water. Using cheap, sustainable precursors graphite sponges can be utilized to separate oil from water in a quick fashion. Additional embedded metal nanoparticles add properties such as magnetism, antibacterial growth, and catalysis allowing the graphite sponge to used in multiple settings and applications.