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Objectification of women rises to new heights with the advent of sex robots imbued with AI

Sex robots Refusing Rape Dolores was screaming as she was dragged by the colar of her demure blue dress towards an empty barn. Her desperate cries unheeded she's uncremonously dumped onto a pile of hay by a tall man dressed in black. He moves menacingly closer and proceeds to rape her. The first 10 minutes in the opening scene of HBO's Westworld, we witness the prelude of a violent rape. Dolores, called 'Hosts' are sex robots. The sexual objectification of women as sex robots in movies as a sub-genre is not new, The Stepford Wives and Austin Powers' hilarious fembot dance spring to mind. Like Ava in the movie ex-Machina, robots imbued with Artificial Intelligence is upon us (read more). When sex robots are sentient and self-aware, the ethical question begs - Can robots designed for sex refuse rape (read more)?

Love And Sex With robots Dr. Kate Devlin of Goldsmiths University in the U.K., a proponent of sex with robots and co-chair of the 'Love and Sex with Robots' conference in 2016 argues (read more) that sex robots might have an application in rehabilitating child rapists and sex offenders (read more) besides providing a caring relationship and intimacy.

Sex Robots Industry Here's a snapshot of the sex robot industry chronicled by David Levy in his book 'Love+Sex Robots" (read more). Orient Industries in Japan sells hand painted life-like silicon Sex Dolls sold as 'Kenko Kigu' or health apparatus (www.orient-doll.com). Sex Robot Roxxxy debuted at the LA Adult Entertainment Expo in 2010 (read more) Abyss Creations, who makes life-size sex dolls called RealDoll has released an AI Harmony app, that allows voice interaction with the sex robot. CEO McMullen's project Realbotix, animates the sex robots, to enable it to blink, open and close its mouth, Spanish engineer created sex robot Samantha who needs to be romanced first before engaging in sex (read more).


Personal Robots, Appearance, and Human Good: A Methodological Reflection on Roboethics

Abstract: The development of pet robots, toy robots, and sex robots suggests a near-future scenario of habitual living with ‘personal’ robots. How should we evaluate their potential impact on the quality of our lives and existence?In this paper, I argue for an approach to ethics of personal robots that advocates a methodological turn from robots to humans, from mind to interaction, from intelligent thinking to social-emotional being, from reality to appearance, from right to good, from external criteria to good internal to practice, and from theory to experience and imagination. First I outline what I take to be a common approach to roboethics, then I sketch the contours of an alternative methodology: ethics of personal robots as an ethics of appearance, human good, experience, and imagination.The result is a sketch of an empirically informed anthropocentric ethics that aims at understanding and evaluating what robots do to humans as social and emotional beings in virtue of their appearance, in particular how they may contribute to human good and human flourishing. Starting from concrete experience and practice and being sufficiently sensitive to individual and cultural differences, this approach invites us to be attentive to how human good emerges in human–robot interaction and to imagine, possibilities of living with personal robots that help to constitute good human lives.

Pub.: 05 Jun '09, Pinned: 18 Apr '17