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Zohreh Shams

I am a computer scientist at Uni. of Cambridge. I work on making artificial reasoning human-like.


How to make artificial reasoning more intuitive?

Scientific advances today increasingly depend on understanding, manipulating and querying data. In addition, businesses that can capitalise on the value of information will have a competitive edge. Typically, data has structure which can be described by formal mathematical statements. These statements are typically written in symbolic, mathematical notations, which are inaccessible to most people. This is a serious shortcoming because ensuring that these statements are correct is particularly hard.

What if instead of mathematical symbols we could use an alternative that is more intuitive and hence accessible to most people? Recent research has demonstrated that visual notations (e.g. diagrams) bring cognitive benefits over symbolic and textual notations. We, thus believe that diagrams can be used instead of mathematical symbols to make artificial reasoning more intuitive. We are currently implementing a prototype of a reasoner that uses these diagrams as the basis of its internal logic. Our prototype will constantly undergo user studies by to verify that its reasoning is indeed intuitive and human like. If you want to know about the result of user studies follow this pinboard and find out more.