A pinboard by
Yi Bao

Post-doc, University of Michigan


Use multi-functional cementitious materials to 3D print infrastructure

Compared with contemporary concrete structure’s construction method, three-dimensional (3D) printing has great potential to improve the construction process by reducing the construction time, labor, cost, hazards, and impacts on environment; hence it is attracting increasing interests in construction industry. As an additive manufacturing approach, 3D printing facilitates diverse architectural and structural designs. Complex geometries that are difficult to construct through conventional construction processes can be built much more easily and economically using 3D printing. Furthermore, an existing design can be changed by properly modifying the computer-aided design model in a 3D printing procedure, without any need to customize formwork to fit the new design. This gives architectural and structural designers freedom to make each design unique and architecturally appealing, while simultaneously optimizing structural performance. My research is aimed to address fundamental technical challenges and bridge the knowledge gaps, thus advancing this emerging construction technique.