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Dauda Awoniran

Technologict I, Federal University of Technology, Akure, SW, Nigeria


This study examined the spatial extent of cultivated lands and the trend in agricultural land use ch

Worldwide, the level of urbanization is rapidly increasing and metropolitan areas are growing fast, creating extensive land use changes and urban spatial expansion. Population growth is particularly rapid in the urban areas of developing countries. One very notable offshoot of rapid urbanization is consumption of agricultural land by urban built-up areas. Many cities are rapidly growing at their fringes, engulfing villages and farmlands and transforming them into dense industrial and commercial areas, or less dense suburban developments. As cities expand, so do the food needs of urban families. While food and financial crises affect both rural and urban populations, the urban poor are hit hardest, (Food and Agricultural Organization. Thus, many citizens have turned to urban agriculture, not only to supplement their income and food intake but indeed as a means of livelihood.