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Adesola Ajayi

Clarification of different fruit juices with Cellulase obtained from Aspergillus niger.

Cellulases are enzymes that break the glycosidic bonds of cellulose microfibrils, releasing oligosaccharides, cellobiose and glucose. Cellulase is used commercially in the clarification and extraction of fruit juice from different fruits. A stock culture of Aspergillus niger was obtained from the microbiology laboratory of the Department of Biological Sciences Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria and it was subcultured on Potato dextrose Agar (PDA) plates. A 96-hour- old culture of Aspergillus niger was inoculated into a basal salt medium. It was incubated at room temperature (27oC) for seven days. Extraction of the enzyme was carried out on the seventh day of incubation and cellulase activity was determined. Cellulase obtained after enzyme extraction was applied to the freshly ripe fruits (Oranges, Soursop, Pear, Green and Red Apples) obtained from the grocery section of a supermarket under controlled experimental conditions to investigate the role of cellulase in the clarification of fruit juices. The juice in the cylinder to which cellulase was added was visually clearer and more than that of distilled water. The volume of juice increased with increase in the volume of cellulase added. Previous studies investigated the clarification of individual fruit juices with enzymes. Therefore this study investigated different fruit juices and established that orange fruit had the highest volume of juice with cellulase clarification compared with other fruits studied.