A pinboard by
Ali Safaei

PhD candidate, Universiti Sains Malaysia


A model-free distributed control policy is proposed for a consensus problem in a network of agents.

In this paper, a decentralized model-free consensus control is proposed for a network of nonlinear agents with unknown nonlinear dynamics, unknown process disturbances and white noise measurement disturbances. Here, the main purpose of control protocol is to first synchronize the states of all follower agents in the network to a leader and then track a reference trajectory in the systems state-space. Here, the leader has at least one information connection with one of the follower agents in the network. The design procedure includes adaptive laws for estimating the unknown linear and nonlinear terms of each agent’s dynamics. The estimation for nonlinear terms is in a model-free format. Moreover, a robust observer is designed to approximate the values of leader’s control parameters at the agents without connection to the leader. Another observer is incorporated to filter the noisy measurements of the system states. The entire design procedure is analysed successfully for the stability using Lyapunov stability theorem. Finally, the simulation results for application of the algorithm on a network of Duffing-Holmes chaotic systems are presented.

The proposed controller can be used and implemented in the network of aerial and ground mobile robots to handle cooperative tasks in surveillance, agriculture, urban management and lots of other things.