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Combined effect of Cryptography and Steganography techniques to enhance the security of IoT.

The idea of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect or give access to everything to the Internet. IoT environment not only provides the facility of Human to Machine connectivity, however, it also creates Machine to Machine connectivity. As everything is going to connect to the Internet and also generating the data. So, the data generating by these devices is growing up rapidly, that huge amount of data is called Big Data. This data has huge Volume, High Velocity, and different Variety. The security of this data is a risk. As we know that, the IoT devices have constraints like low power and less computational speed and the traditional encryption algorithms like DES, 3DES, and AES are more complex. Traditional encryption algorithm seems not feasible for IoT devices. So, we need to develop Lightweight encryption algorithm for IoT devices for secure communication and secure data transmission in IoT environment. Cryptography and Steganography techniques are used for securing the data over the Internet. Cryptography encrypts the data by using a key and make a ciphertext that cannot be readable by the normal user. Steganography hides the data by concealing it into another medium like data, image, audio, video, or mixed. This paper provides a review of important lightweight cryptographic techniques used for IoT devices.