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Debapriya Basu Roy

PhD Scholar, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur


My current research topic focuses on lightweight, efficient and secure design of ECC on FPGAs

Light-weight hardware devices embedded in RFID tags, wireless sensor nodes are just a glimpse of the uprising Internet-of-Things. This recent boom of Internet-of-Things enhances the importance of implementation of asymmetric key cryptography in embedded devices. The front runners of public key cryptography are RSA crypto-system and Elliptic curve cryptography, out of which ECC suits more for the purpose of embedded device security for its wonderful property of providing more security per key bit than its counterpart RSA. For example, 160 bit ECC is comparable to 1024 bit RSA security. Due to the reduced key size, public key protocols like Diffie-Hellman key exchange or digital signature algorithm based on ECC will be more compact, lightweight and less resource hungry compared to RSA based algorithms.