A pinboard by
Jingwei Wang

PhD, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


The property of some layered materials such as graphene are thickness dependent. For example, the reduction in thickness of MoS2 from bulk to single layer will lead to a change from indirect semiconductor to direct semiconductor. This will generate a great deal of possibilities in improving applications such as ultra thin field effect transistor, high efficiency water splitting for hydrogen, etc. It is also believed that these two dimensional (2D) materials may be alternative option of Silicon in our future life.
Although the novel properties of 2D materials have been widely proven or confirmed in lab, the realization of 2D materials industrialization just starts. One essential challenge is to fabricate large area and high quality materials. My research topic is aimed to grow high quality monolayer MoS2 with controllable size, morphology by chemical vapor deposition (CVD). This method allows the direct growth of centimeter scale single layer MoS2 and possibilities of tuning the size and morphology to fit a certain application.