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A New Dynamic Energy Efficient Latency Improving Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


In delay sensitive applications of wireless sensor network, it is required to monitor the situation continuously with the sensors. The continuous operation and processing delay, may contribute latency in data communication. This results in more energy consumption of the sensor nodes. It is difficult to replace the battery of a sensor node, after the deployment in the network. The efficient energy management and low latency are the important issues in delay sensitive applications as they affect the life of network. There are some limitations in existing routing protocols as they are particularly designed either for energy efficiency or minimum latency. This paper presents the new protocol to overcome some drawbacks of the existing protocols. A concept of distance metric based routing is explored for shortest routing path selection. This helps to reduce the overhead of the network traffic, which results in improvement of energy efficiency and latency. The simulation results are compared with standard ‘AODV’ routing protocol. It is observed that, this ‘Dynamic Energy Efficient and Latency Improving Protocol’ will be very much suitable for wireless sensor networks in industrial control applications.