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An efficient mobile IPv6 handover scheme


Excellent handover performance is essential for deploying real time applications over wireless Internets. In this paper, this study present a novel handover scheme for Mobile IPv6. The proposed scheme is based on an infrastructure, which is called Cross-layer Address Resolution (CAR). A smart message interaction for the Binding Update procedure is also introduced. The prototype is illustrated first and a buffering approach adopted to achieve zero packet loss.The proposed scheme, which is called Seamless Handover for Mobile IPv6 (S-MIPv6), evolved from Fast Handover for Mobile IPv6 (F-MIPv6). The problems in F-MIPv6, such as triangle route and sequence disorder, are solved by the proposed scheme. The S-MIPv6 avoids building tunnels and reduces registration delay. It is capable of cooperating with a Mobility Anchor Point (MAP) to take advantage from hierarchical networks. The S-MIPv6 is modeled and simulated. In a practical case, the disruption duration is close to the Data Link layer handover latency (50–100 ms). We believe that the proposed S-MIPv6 is capable of providing seamless handover for time critical services.