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Controlled Growth of Monocrystalline Organo-Lead Halide Perovskite and Its Application in Photonic Devices.


Organo-lead halide perovskites as a new class of exceptional optoelectronic materials has been found use in many applications. However, conventional methods for forming single crystals of OHPs afford limited control over the product morphology, rendering the assembly of defined microstructures difficult. We overcame this by synthesising for the first time (MA)[PbBr3]·DMF (1), and demonstrating its facile transformation into monocrystalline MAPbBr3 microplatelets, which exhibit excellent waveguiding porperty with an ultra-low propagation loss of 0.04 dB μm-1 and can be further tailored into a variety of waveguide based photonic devices. An efficient electro-optical modulator consisting of a MAPbBr3 non-linear arc waveguide was demonstrated, exhibiting a 98.4% PL intensity modulation with an external voltage of 45 V. This novel approach and the demonstration of effective waveguiding will pave the way for developing a wide range of photonic devices based on organo lead halide perovskites.