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Post-Outburst Radio Observations of the High Magnetic Field Pulsar PSR J1119-6127


We have carried out high frequency radio observations of the high magnetic field pulsar PSR J1119-6127 following its recent X-ray outburst. While initial observations showed no evidence of significant radio emission, subsequent observations detected pulsed emission across a large frequency band. In this letter, we report on the initial disappearance of the pulsed emission and its prompt reactivation and dramatic evolution over several months of observation. The periodic pulse profile at S-band (2.3 GHz) after reactivation exhibits a multi-component emission structure, while the simultaneous X-band (8.4 GHz) profile shows a single emission peak. Single pulses were also detected at S-band near the main emission peaks. We present measurements of the spectral index across a wide frequency bandwidth, which captures the underlying changes in the radio emission profile of the neutron star. The high frequency radio detection, unusual emission profile, and observed variability suggest similarities with magnetars, which may independently link the high energy outbursts to magnetar-like behavior.