Synthesis of stable IV-VI colloidal quantum dots (CQDs) and their optical study

Last updated 13th Sep 2017
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A pinboard by Arthur Shapiro

My name is Arthur Shapiro, a PhD student at the faculty of chemistry at the Technion-Israel institute of Technology under the supervision of Prof. Efrat Lifshitz.

When I started my Bachelor's degree I encountered many obstacles and didn't imagine that one day I will start a PhD, what today seems to me so natural.

Besides science sport is an integral part of my life.


Solution for the air-stability problem of IV-VI CQDs and the strain in the interface are addressed

Lead chalcogenide (group IV-VI semiconductors) CQDs have raised scientific and technological interest due to their optical tunability in the IR spectral regime [so-called near infrared (NIR), 0.7-...