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Locations of joint physical activity in parent-child pairs based on accelerometer and GPS monitoring.


Parental factors may play an important role in influencing children's physical activity levels.This cross-sectional study sought to describe the locations of joint physical activity among parents and children.Parent-child pairs (N = 291) wore an Actigraph GT2M accelerometer and GlobalSat BT-335 global positioning systems (GPS) device over the same 7-day period. Children were ages 8-14 years. Joint behavior was defined by a linear separation distance of less than 50 m between parent and child. Land use classifications were assigned to GPS datapoints.Joint physical activity was spread across residential locations (35 %), and commercial venues (24 %), and open spaces/parks (20 %). Obese children and parents performed less joint physical activity in open spaces/parks than under/normal weight children and parents (ps < 0.01).Understanding where joint parent-child physical activity naturally occurs may inform location-based interventions to promote these behaviors.