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Collage work as a medium for guided reflection in the clinical supervision relationship.


This paper identifies the value of one form of art as a means of enhancing communication and developing self expression. The medium of magazine picture collage is described with explanation of its application in the clinical supervision setting where it is used as a trigger for reflective questioning to clarify issues, examine perceptions and facilitate learning from experience. The assembly of magazine pictures as a collage allows metaphorical representation of events and influences through which the supervisee can 'see' their situation from different perspectives. This medium is used as a starting point for discussion in the supervision setting where reflective questioning by the supervisor is framed around the collage images in order to clarify relationships of the issues presented and the personal meanings and values of these to the supervisee. This method is offered as a means of supporting existing systems of supervision not a replacement for these and is perceived to be of particular value in situations where facilitation of expression by means other than dialogue alone is felt to be required in order to move the supervision process forward and enhance personal learning from this.