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Flavoured gauge extension of singlet-doublet fermionic dark matter: neutrino mass, high scale validity and collider signatures


We propose an Abelian gauged version of the singlet-doublet fermionic dark matter (DM) model where DM, combination of a vector like fermion doublet and a fermion singlet, is naturally stabilised by the gauge symmetry without requiring any ad-hoc discrete symmetries. In order to have good detection prospects at collider experiments like the large hadron collider (LHC) and enlarged parameter space for low mass DM, we consider the additional gauge symmetry to be based on the quantum $B-3L_{\tau}$ where the restriction to third generation of leptons is chosen to have weaker bounds from the LHC on the corresponding gauge boson. The triangle anomalies arising in this model can be can cancelled by including a right handed neutrino which takes part in generating light neutrino masses through type I seesaw mechanism. Apart from DM, collider prospects and light neutrino masses, the model also offers high scale validity giving rise to a stable electroweak vacuum and perturbative couplings all the way up to the Planck scale. We constrain our model parameters from these requirements as well as existing relevant constraints related to DM and colliders.