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Review: the important bacterial zoonoses in "one health" concept.


An infectious disease that is transmitted from animals to humans, sometimes by a vector, is called zoonosis. The focus of this review article is on the most common emerging and re-emerging bacterial zoonotic diseases. The role of "One Health" approach, public health education, and some measures that can be taken to prevent zoonotic bacterial infections are discussed.A zoonotic bacterial disease is a disease that can be very commonly transmitted between animals and humans. Global climate changes, overuse of antimicrobials in medicine, more intensified farm settings, and closer interactions with animals facilitate emergence or re-emergence of bacterial zoonotic infections.The global "One Health" approach, which requires interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals, and the environment, will support public health in general.New strategies for continuous dissemination of multidisciplinary research findings related to zoonotic bacterial diseases are hence needed.