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Effect of spice‐incorporated starch edible film wrapping on shelf life of white shrimps stored at different temperatures


White shrimps (Litopenaeus vannamei) are a major aquaculture product in the world fishery market. The main aim of this study was to investigate the effect of clove‐ and cinnamon‐assimilated starch edible films on the shelf life of white shrimps in terms of maintaining their freshness and other organoleptic properties. Physical, chemical, microbial and sensory qualities of edible film‐wrapped white shrimps were studied until they reached their limit of acceptability during storage at different temperatures (10 and 4 °C).Shrimp samples wrapped with spice‐assimilated edible films showed lower bacterial counts. Shelf life extension of edible film‐wrapped white shrimps was estimated to be 14 and 12 days for storage at 10 and 4 °C respectively. Reduced lipid oxidation and release of nitrogen base compounds were noted for edible film‐wrapped shrimp samples. Good consumer acceptance was noted for edible film‐wrapped shrimp samples through sensory evaluation.The results of this study show that spice‐fused edible films were effective in inhibiting the growth of microbial populations. Reductions in lipid oxidation and total volatile base nitrogen were also achieved through edible film wrapping of shrimps, which increased their consumer acceptance during sensory evaluation. © 2016 Society of Chemical Industry