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Single-cell technologies for profiling T cells to enable monitoring of immunotherapies


Publication date: March 2018 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Engineering, Volume 19 Author(s): Xingyue An, Navin Varadarajan

Immunotherapy relies on the reinvigoration of immune system to combat diseases and has transformed the landscape of cancer treatments. Clinical trials using immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI), and adoptive transfer of genetically modified T cells have demonstrated durable remissions in subsets of cancer patients. A comprehensive understanding of the polyfunctionality of T lymphocytes in ICI or adoptive cell transfer (ACT), at single-cell resolution, will quantify T-cell properties that are essential for therapeutic benefit. We briefly highlight several emerging integrated single-cell technologies focusing on the profiling of multiple properties/functionalities of T cells. We envision that these tools have the potential to provide valuable experimental and clinical insights on T-cell biology, and eventually pave the road for the discovery of surrogate T-cell biomarkers for immunotherapy. Graphical abstract