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Prehospital care practices for venomous snakebites in resource-limited settings: A narrative review


Godpower Chinedu Michael, Ibrahim Aliyu, Bukar Alhaji Grema, Niongun Lawrence Paul De-Kaa

Archives of Medicine and Health Sciences 2017 5(2):237-241 Venomous snakebite is a medical emergency encountered worldwide, especially in resource-limited communities. It usually leaves victims at the mercy of traditional care, whose effectiveness have come under scrutiny over time. Several of these traditional/ first aid practices have also been reported over time. Controversies over their efficacy often result in confusion among snakebite victims, their caregivers, and sometimes, among health-care providers. This narrative review describes reported prehospital interventions for venomous snakebites highlighting their usefulness, dangers, and/or limitations associated with their use and the currently widely recommended prehospital activities for venomous snakebite.