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Advanced computational approach in electron-collisional spectroscopy of atoms and multicharged ions in plasmas


An advanced computational approach to determination of the electron-collisional strengths and

cross-sections for atomic ions in the Debye plasmas is presented and used to calculate effective

collision strengths of the Kr 26+ Ne-like ion excitation states for temperature T=5×10 6 K and

density n e ==10 14 cm −3 . The obtained results are compared with the R-matrix data by Griffin et

al and other theoretical estimates. The approach is based on the generalized relativistic energy

formalism and relativistic many-body perturbation theory with the Debye shielding model Hamiltonian

for electron-nuclear and electron-electron systems. The optimized one-electron representation in the

perturbation theory zeroth approximation is constructed by means of the correct treating the gauge

dependent multielectron contribution of the lowest perturbation theory corrections to the radiation

widths of atomic levels.