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Portable Memristive Biosensing System as Effective Point-of-Care Device for Cancer Diagnostics


Memristive biosensors have been proved as excellent candidates for ultrasensitive biosensing. In this work, a novel portable bio-detection system based on memristive biosensors is designed, developed and tested for providing a significantly fast, automatic and simultaneous sensing output of multiple memristive biosensors on a single chip. The suggested compact and independent bio-sensing prototype is achieved through the realization of an electronic board designed for addressing the specifications of the memristive biosensor signal acquisition. Memristive bio-sensing-chips are specially designed and fabricated as well. The system was tested for successfully sensing of Prostate Specific Antigen, one of the main biomarkers of prostate cancer, at fM concentrations. Overall, this novel scheme resembles to a memristive-biosensing-kit approach, paving the way for fast and ultrasensitive PoC (point-of-care) devices.