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Recently, digital content has become a significant and inevitable asset of or any enterprise and the need for visual content management is on the rise as well. There has been an increase in attention towards the automated management and retrieval of digital images owing to the drastic development in the number and size of image databases. A significant and increasingly popular approach that aids in the retrieval of image data from a huge collection is called Content-based image retrieval (CBIR). Content-based image retrieval has attracted voluminous research in the last decade paving way for development of numerous techniques and systems besides creating interest on fields that support these systems. CBIR indexes the images based on the features obtained from visual content so as to facilitate speedy retrieval. Content based image retrieval from large resources has become an area of wide interest nowadays in many applications. In this thesis work, we present a steerable pyramid based image retrieval system that uses color, contours and texture as visual features to describe the content of an image region. To speed up retrieval and similarity computation, the database images are classified and the extracted regions are clustered according to their feature vectors using KNN algorithm We have used steerable pyramid to extract texture features from query image and classified database images and store them in feature features. Therefore to answer a query our system does not need to search the entire database images; instead just a number of candidate images are required to be searched for image similarity. Our proposed system has the advantage of increasing the retrieval accuracy and decreasing the retrieval time.