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Enhanced metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene on tungsten incorporated ordered mesoporous silicates


Tungsten-incorporated 3D mesoporous silicates, W-KIT-6, W-KIT-5, and W-SBA-16 catalysts, outperform supported tungsten oxide catalysts (WO3/SiO2 and WO3/KIT-6) for the metathesis of ethylene and 2-butene to propene at 450 °C. All catalysts exhibit steady activity and stability during 7 h runs in a fixed-bed reactor. Furthermore, on all mesoporous catalysts, a maximum propylene yield was obtained at an optimum W loading at which the catalyst acidity is also maximum. Slightly delayed addition of the W source during the one-pot synthesis protocol markedly improves the propene yield on W-KIT-6 catalyst. XPS results conclusively show that this enhancement is due to preferential enrichment of active W species on the catalyst surface. Extended runs lasting five days reveal very little loss of activity even which is easily recovered by calcination in air.