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Facial Expression Recognition with Faster R-CNN ☆


In order to avoid the complex explicit feature extraction process and the problem of low-level data operation involved in traditional facial expression recognition, we proposed a method of Faster R-CNN (Faster Regions with Convolutional Neural Network Features) for facial expression recognition in this paper. Firstly, the facial expression image is normalized and the implicit features are extracted by using the trainable convolution kernel. Then, the maximum pooling is used to reduce the dimensions of the extracted implicit features. After that, RPNs (Region Proposal Networks) is used to generate high-quality region proposals, which are used by Faster R-CNN for detection. Finally, the Softmax classifier and regression layer is used to classify the facial expressions and predict boundary box of the test sample, respectively. The dataset is provided by Chinese Linguistic Data Consortium (CLDC), which is composed of multimodal emotional audio and video data. Experimental results show the performance and the generalization ability of the Faster R-CNN for facial expression recognition. The value of the mAP is around 0.82.