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Strong Coupling Expansion for the Conformal Pomeron/Odderon Trajectories


From the perspective of AdS/CFT the Pomeron is identified with a Reggeized Graviton, while the Odderons correspond to Reggeized anti-symmetric $AdS_5$ Kalb-Ramond tensor-fields. In this paper, we consider the strong coupling expansion of the dimension of the leading twist operators dual to these Regge trajectories, $\Delta(j)$, to determine its analytic continuation in $j$ beyond the diffusion limit. In particular, we compute the strong coupling expansion of the intercept to order $\lambda^{-3}$, where $\lambda$ is the t'Hooft coupling, for both the Pomeron, which is $C=+1$ crossing-even, and the "Odderons", which are the leading $C=-1$ crossing-odd Regge singularities. We discuss the spectral curves of the class of single-trace operators to which these string modes couple.