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Gallbladder cancer integrated bioinformatics analysis of protein profile data



Identifying the critical genes in that differentiate gall bladder cancer from the normal gall bladder and the related biological terms are the aim of this study.


Molecular mechanism underlying gall bladder cancer (GBC) trigger and developments still requires investigations. Potential therapeutic biomarkers can be identified through protein-protein interaction network prediction of proteome as a complementary study.


Here, a literature review of proteomics studies of Gall bladder cancer from 2010 to 2019 was handled to screen differentially expressed proteins in this cancer. A network of 27 differentially expressed proteins (DEPs) via Cytoscape 3.7.1 and its plug-ins was constructed and analyzed.


Ten proteins were introduced as hub-bottlenecks that among them four were from DEPs. The gene ontology analysis also indicated that Positive regulation of multi-organism process and regulation of response to biotic stimulus are the most disrupted biological processes of GBC considering their relationships with the DEPs.


ACTG, ALB, GGH, and DYNC1H1 and relative biological terms were introduced as drug targets and possible diagnostic biomarker.