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Realizing and Adiabatically Preparing Bosonic Integer and Fractional Quantum Hall states in Optical Lattices


We study the ground states of 2D lattice bosons in an artificial gauge field. Using state of the art DMRG simulations we obtain the zero temperature phase diagram for hardcore bosons at densities $nb$ with flux $n\phi$ per unit cell, which determines a filling $\nu=nb/n\phi$. We find several robust quantum Hall phases, including (i) a bosonic integer quantum Hall phase (BIQH) at $\nu=2$, that realizes an interacting symmetry protected topological phase in 2D (ii) bosonic fractional quantum Hall phases including robust states at $\nu=2/3$ and a Laughlin state at $\nu=1/2$. The observed states correspond to the bosonic Jain sequence ($\nu=p/(p+1)$) pointing towards an underlying composite fermion picture. In addition to identifying Hamiltonians whose ground states realize these phases, we discuss their preparation beginning in the independent chain limit of 1D Luttinger liquids, and ramping up interchain couplings. Using time dependent DMRG simulations, these are shown to reliably produce states close to the ground state for experimentally relevant system sizes. We utilize a simple physical signature of these phases, the non-monotonic behavior of a two-point correlation, a direct consequence of edge states in a finite system, to numerically assess the effectiveness of the preparation scheme. Our proposal only utilizes existing experimental capabilities.