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Numerical analysis of a shaking table test on dynamic structure-soil-structure interaction under earthquake excitations


Structure-soil-structure interaction (SSSI) phenomena under earthquake excitations are investigated in this paper. Based on the results of the shaking table test, this work presents a 3-dimensional finite element numerical simulation method using ANSYS software. In the simulation, an equivalent linear model is assumed for soil behavior, and contact elements are adopted to consider the nonlinearity state of the interface between foundation and surrounding soil. In addition, constrained equations are added to manage the uncoordinated degrees of freedom. By comparing the results of the finite element analysis with data obtained from the shaking table test, the dynamic response of the shaking table test can be simulated properly. Finally, the dynamic response of adjacent structures considering the SSSI effect is analyzed. The results show that with increased excitation, contact pressure, strain amplitude, and pile slip increase, whereas the peak acceleration magnification coefficient decreases. These results are significant for studying the effect of SSSI on seismic responses of structures.