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Using Objective Structured Teaching Encounters (OSTEs) to prepare chief residents to be emotionally intelligent leaders.


Chief Residents must lead, manage and mentor a diverse and often large group of residents, however there is a lack of formal leadership training throughout graduate medical education.Development of a 3-part Chief Resident (CR) Program focused on leading, managing and mentoring.Each participant completes an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Inventory prior to the day-long event. Participants receive their EI scores at the beginning of the program, which features interactive sessions on leadership, management, and feedback skills. The program then reinforces the application of their new knowledge about EI through a four station OSTE (Observed Structured Teaching Encounter). CRs practice feedback and coaching skills in a simulated environment where they need to provide the context of formative feedback to a standardized resident.The aggregated mean pre-session EI score for all participants was 76.9 (an ideal score is >85). An independent-samples t-test compared the CRs' leadership and feedback performance on their first and second OSTE performance within a single afternoon session. There was a significant difference between the first OSTE performance (M = 47.92, SD = 7.8) and the second OSTE performance (M = 51.22, SD = 6.9); t (68) = 1.99, p = 0.006. These results suggest that participating in multiple OSTEs positively reinforces the core interpersonal and communication skills discussed in the didactic and practiced in the interactive portions of the program.The low mean pre-session EI score achieved by our participants supports the idea that CRs enter their new roles with a level of EI that can be enhanced. CRs had an overall positive reaction to EI and its application to the core skills addressed in the program, highlighting the fact that similar programs could be used to train early career physicians to be more skilled and comfortable with leading, managing and mentoring.CR: Chief resident; EI: Emotional intelligence; GME: Graduate medical education; OSTE: Objective structured teaching encounter.