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[Application prospect of new technology and new equipment in production of Chinese patent medicine].


At present,the production equipment and process of Chinese patent medicines still have many problems including high energy consumption,low efficiency,high pollution,and low intelligence,which seriously hinder the transformation,upgrading and modernized development of traditional Chinese medicine industry. With the emergence of various new pharmaceutical technologies and the application of technologies of other fields in traditional Chinese medicine industry,the development of Chinese patent medicine has ushered in new opportunities. The processes such as pulverization,mixing,extraction,separation,concentration,drying and sterilization are unique for the production of Chinese patent medicine. These main features can be distinguished from the manufacturing process of chemical drugs,determining the characteristics of the production process and equipment of Chinese patent medicine. In this paper,each operation unit was mentioned to summarize and analyze the new equipment and new technologies with advantages and characteristics in recent years from the perspectives of definition,principle,classification and application. Among them,the automatic spray device of the mixer,the extraction and separation equipment of volatile oil,and the crane basket-type circulation extraction technology,composite multi-layer spiral vibration countercurrent drying,and vibration sterilization equipment all have rapid development in recent years,with great prospects in the production of Chinese patent medicines. In this paper,we also analyzed some problems existing in the production equipment and technology of Chinese patent medicine and the key factors restricting the development of Chinese patent medicine,discussed the transformation of Chinese patent medicine production from traditional to modern and from semi-automatic to intelligent,and put forward three suggestions to help Chinese patent medicine achieve the goal of improving quality,efficiency and green manufacturing in production.