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Influence of SiC nanoparticles addition on the microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of AZ91 alloy during isothermal multidirectional forging


In this study, low volume fraction SiCp/AZ91 magnesium matrix nanocomposites billets intended for structural applications were synthesized using semisolid stirring assisted ultrasonic vibration, leading to the dispersion of SiC nanoparticles. Both the AZ91 alloy and nanocomposite billets were then subjected to isothermal multidirectional forging (IMDF). Micrographic observations illustrated that the mean grain size of the developed nanocomposite showed an initial increase after 3 IMDF passes, followed by a decrease after 6 IMDF passes compared to the AZ91 alloy. This indicated that the effect of dispersed SiC nanoparticles on the inhibition of the dynamic recrystallization grains growth was impaired due to the present high IMDF temperature. The improved yield strength of the nanocomposite could be attributed to Orowan strengthening effect related to the dispersed SiC nanoparticles as well as the second phases precipitated far from the dynamic recrystallization grains.