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Development of cyber information security education and training system


Due to recent expansion of internet, use of personal internet banking and E-commerce is rapidly increasing. Additionally, services and marketing in corporations, government and banks are rapidly increasing mostly at the internet shopping malls and web sites. Accordingly, there are increasing number of cyber attacks like intelligent and high-tech APT attack, cyber intrusion access and digitalized information. However, countermeasures, operation exercise and security education about these security accidents are not executed properly. Therefore, this study is to develop cyber information security training system based on the internet. Additionally, in order to deal with security accidents caused by malicious emails and attaching files that frequently occur at public institutions and private companies, information security education is tried to be executed targeting affiliated employees and education and training subjects using the system. Through this, security accidents caused by malicious emails could be prevented in advance and economic loss could be minimized by preventing information loss or paralysis state in computer system.