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Psychological distress in cancer patient during chemotherapy: A cross-sectional study.


231 Background: The State of Punjab is experiencing a rising burden of cancer. The objective of this study was to analyze and compare depression, anxiety and stress levels and their impacting factors in heterogenous surviving cancer patients.this is a cross sectional study, data collection was performed by Depression, anxiety, stress scale 21-DASS population include 300 cancer patients and 300 matched controls. The mean age of the cases and controls were 50.58 years ± 13. 64 and 46.1 years ± 11.78 (M ± SD). A Statistical significant difference was observed in mean scoring of depression, anxiety and stress in cancer patients when compared to control groups. Anxiety mean score significantly affected by chemotherapy cycles and duration of disease.Holistic approach in cancer management is a need of time as the present study revealed, the range of depression, anxiety and stress was 90%, 56% and 28% respectively. [Table: see text].