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Using Semantic Web for Internet of Things Interoperability


The main vision of the Internet of Things (IoT) is to enable seamless connection between physical devices and information systems to improve the lives of people. One of the main obstacles to achieve this vision is the current lack of IoT interoperability. In this article, the authors are giving an overview on how semantics is used in IoT interoperability related research. To do this, they performed a systematic literature review and extracted data from 105 selected primary studies dealing with semantics in IoT interoperability. The authors have analysed the maturity level of this research field and when and where the relevant works were published. This article answers five main research questions about the following issues: what are semantics used for; what types of ontologies exist (which are used to give semantical descriptions); what are the main themes and suggestions for future work in these research articles; and what are other related areas.