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Flexible Epineural Strip Electrode for Recording in Fine Nerves.


This paper demonstrates flexible epineural strip electrodes (FLESE) for recording from small nerves. Small strip-shaped FLESE enables us to easily and closely stick on various sized nerves for less damage in a nerve and optimal recording quality. In addition, in order to enhance the neural interface, the gold electrode contacts were coated with carbon nanotubes, which reduced the impedance of the electrodes. We used the FLESEs to record electrically elicited nerve signals (compound neural action potentials) from the sciatic nerve in rats. Bipolar and differential bipolar configurations for the recording were investigated to optimize the recording configuration of the FLESEs. The successful results from differential bipolar recordings showed that the total length of FLESEs could be further reduced, maintaining the maximum recording ability, which would be beneficial for recording in very fine nerves. Our results demonstrate that new concept of FLESEs could play an important role in electroceuticals in near future.