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Combustion and emission characteristics of a lean burn natural gas engine


Lean burn is an effective way to improve spark ignition engine fuel economy. In this paper, the combustion and emission characteristics of a lean burn natural gas fuelled spark ignition engine were investigated at various throttle positions, fuel injection timings, spark timings and air fuel ratios. The results show that ignition timings, the combustion duration, the coefficient of variation (COV) of the indicated mean effective pressure (IMEP) and engine-out emissions are dependent on the overall air fuel ratio, spark timings, throttle positions and fuel injection timings. With the increase of the air fuel ratio, the ignition delays and combustion duration increases. Fuel injection timings affect ignition timings, combustion duration, IMEP, and the COV of the IMEP. Late fuel injection timings can decrease the COV of the IMEP. Moreover, the change in the fuel injection timings reduces the engine-out CO, total hydrocarbon (THC) emissions. Lean burn can significantly reduce NOx emissions, but it results in high cyclic variations.