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Estimation of slamming coefficients on local members of offshore wind turbine foundation (jacket type) under plunging breaker


In this paper, the slamming coefficients on local members of a jacket structure under plunging breaker are studied based on numerical simulations. A 3D numerical model is used to investigate breaking wave forces on the local members of the jacket structure. A wide range of breaking wave conditions is considered in order to get generalized slamming coefficients on the jacket structure. In order to make quantitative comparison between CFD model and experimental data, Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) is employed for obtaining net breaking wave forces from the measured response, and the filtered results are compared with the computed results in order to confirm the accuracy of the numerical model. Based on the validated results, the slamming coefficients on the local members (front and back vertical members, front and back inclined members, and side inclined members) are estimated. The distribution of the slamming coefficients on local members is also discussed.