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Seismic response of offshore wind structure supported by bucket foundation


An integrated finite element model(FEM)of offshore wind tower-foundation-soil is established by ABAQUS, where a large-scale composite bucket foundation with seven compartments inside is applied to supporting the upper wind tower. The dynamic response of the structure-foundation system is studied under three seismic waves with the same peak ground acceleration of 0.035g. It can be seen that the dynamic response increases at the beginning with the structure height, then it decreases because the structural damping increases due to the mass effect of the upper wind turbine generator system. It is shown that the anti-liquefaction capacity of the soil inside and underneath the foundation is improved owing to the high overburden pressure of the upper structure and the constraint effect of the bucket skirt and subdivisions. Moreover, the liquefaction resistance of the soil inside the middle compartment is improved to a higher degree than that inside the side compartments.