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A Novel Approach for Optimization in Dynamic Environments Based on Modified Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm


International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications, Ahead of Print. Swarm intelligence algorithms are amongst the most efficient approaches toward solving optimization problems. Up to now, most of swarm intelligence approaches have been proposed for optimization in static environments. However, numerous real-world problems are dynamic which could not be solved using static approaches. In this paper, a novel approach based on artificial fish swarm algorithm (AFSA) has been proposed for optimization in dynamic environments in which changes in the problem space occur in discrete intervals. The proposed algorithm can quickly find the peaks in the problem space and track them after an environment change. In this algorithm, artificial fish swarms are responsible for finding and tracking peaks and several behaviors and mechanisms are employed to cope with the dynamic environment. Extensive experiments show that the proposed algorithm significantly outperforms previous algorithms in most of tested dynamic environments modeled by moving peaks benchmark.